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When the weather doesn't cooperate and the tomatoes in the garden decide to split and rot, you buy some Roma
I was really hoping to do another step by step process in my IG stories to show everyone how easy
Here's the thing, if you're serving dinner for friends or family or friends who are family on taco Tuesday and
We had our pre-construction meeting about 100 months ago - or maybe it was just in March! It feels like
Although we had a great evening at our family cookout this past Monday, I have to say those events should
Design Studios are full of inspiration...and beautiful kitchens! Exhibit A in that featured photo above. If you've been reading these
In June, I wrote on Instagram that canning posts were coming to the blog in July and then a few
It's virtual Thursday, y'all! For my fellow 9-5 office workers, you likely understand that term. It's also known as virtual
Before we jump into this post can we all just take a minute to soak in that beautiful view? (ignoring
You didn't think I could stay away from the Magnolia Table recipes for too long, did you? The book is