Hi there! I’m Sara. It’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you. I’m the chef, author and photographer of this little food blog, Pinch of Parsley! The name comes from my love of adding a little parsley as garnish to many dishes – it’s the perfect decoration for food, like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

I found my love for blogging by accident really. I became a huge fan of Pinterest when it came out and through all of my recipe surfing I found countless pretty blogs I adored and enjoyed reading the stories as much as the recipe that brought me to them! So in November 2014 I decided to sit down one night and start my very own blog. It wasn’t this one; it’s called Our Front Door Looking In inspired by the country song ‘Front Porch Looking In’ by Lonestar. What I love most about that blog is the memories I captured over the years. Photos are great and videos are amazing, but having a story written down in words to go along with those photos or videos is really special.

Then I took a little hiatus from blogging when life got tough and we had to go through the experience of losing multiple family members in the same year. I just couldn’t get in the right mindset to sit down and enjoy writing during that time and I try to keep things fairly light and positive on here. When everything started to settle down I looked at my first blog and thought ‘it’s time to move up in my blogging “career”. And that’s why you’ve now found yourself here, at pinchofparsley.com! I have to tell you, I really love where this blog is going! I love being able to look back at my first one too, because it’s amazing how much I’ve been able to grow my writing and photography skills! I’m really excited to continue improving this blog and making the most of it! If you found even one recipe you love, one helpful tip, one new product to purchase or just got a laugh from one of my stories this blog is doing exactly what I’d hope it would!

I like reading fun facts about people and feeling like I get to know them a little bit even if I don’t ‘really’ know them. Do you? My favorite blogs are usually by the people I feel I know or can relate to on some level!

  • I have this thing with flowers; some may call it an obsession. I always have fresh cut flowers in my home and more often than not also on my desk at work. A friend of mine and I are actually working on a business plan selling coffee beans and fresh cut flowers. Keep an eye out for that fun! It’s going to be good!


  • I’ve been married to my best friend for five years and I have a stepdaughter who recently turned 15! It’s a little crazy, but I love our family so much – that also includes two dogs and two cats who you may see from time to time on here! I don’t share a lot of personal photos on this site, because I’m not sure how much my family and friends would appreciate that and in these days you have to keep such things in mind. Don’t worry though, I asked the pets and they all said they’re fine with it 🙂 We also just moved to the country on family farm land and I’ll be honest, I never thought I would live in the country; however, I’m loving every second of it!


  • I think my love for cooking and baking likely started when I was around eleven or so years old and my grandma taught me how to bake a pie. I adore my baking time with her. Since then we have created traditions and every year have cookie baking and canning days with a few added one offs in between like the time she taught me how to make homemade chicken noodle soup and cream chicken last year. My favorite day during the holiday season is the day we bake cookies and my favorite part of that day is waking up when it’s still dark outside and sitting by the fireplace for a bit in the morning enjoying the quiet with her.


  • I love to read, but don’t make nearly enough time to do it! I really want to work on this! Please share any good book suggestions with me! I also love physical books; the kindle is great, especially for books I’m unsure about, but I just love having the actual book!


Thanks so much for stopping by, y’all!! It really brings a smile to my face every day I see people on the site, hoping they find just what they’re looking for that day!


Have a beautiful day!