Hi there! I’m Sara. It’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you. I’m the chef, author and photographer of this little food blog, Pinch of Parsley! The name comes from my love of adding a little parsley as garnish to many dishes – it’s the perfect decoration for food, like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. So a little bit about me, huh?

I’m a fan of lists. To do lists, Pros and Cons lists, Reasons Why lists, Invite lists….maybe I should make a list of my favorite types of lists? I’m kidding. That’s taking it too far. Let’s go with a ‘Few Fun Facts about Me’ list. I haven’t decided on the number yet and you never know when something worthwhile might need added so we’ll keep that open ended.

In General

  • I’m blessed to be a wife, stepmom (to miss Hailey) and mom to four furry critters – we have two dogs (Dusty and Max) and two cats (Milo and Mosby)! That theme with ‘M’ names was sincerely unintentional!
  • I work as a Project Manager during the day and have a passion for blogging and photography in the evenings and on the weekends.
  • When I find time to relax, I love to read and watch movies. There’s something about really good books and movies isn’t there? Getting swept away into another world where nothing else matters for a couple hours is kind of magical. Plus, I do enjoy speaking in movie quotes.
  • Speaking of magical, Disney World is a favorite vacation spot of mine. I recently visited with my husband and we thoroughly enjoyed our first adult Disney trip! (Don’t worry, we’re not cruel – we’ve taken Hailey there too!)
  • I’m a stickler when it comes to grammar! With that said, you’ll still find errors on my blog. Sigh. It has something to do with being human I believe. Do me a favor? If you see a spelling or grammar error, help a girl out!
  • I find joy in cleaning. You either resonate with this comment or think I’m crazy! I like a clean and organized house and enjoy the accomplished feeling afterwards!

When it comes to Blogging

  • This is my second blog! You can find my first one by visiting ourfrontdoorlookingin.com
  • I’m a big Pinterest-er. New word? I think it’s how my itch for blogging got started, because I adored the many food blogs I came across while browsing the site.
  • I write best when I have music playing at the same time. Music puts me in a good mood and helps me focus.
  • Remember my joy with cleaning? A clean room also helps me write. Clean and organized room = clear and organized thoughts. That’s my kind of math!
  • I would love to make all of my posts conversations with you fine people. I sure hope this page can become even more than just good eats! Please share your feedback and own great ideas with everyone here! I simply ask you keep it positive!


Have a beautiful day!