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It's already mid February and the next fun holiday is quickly approaching...President's day is on Monday! Oh wait....yep, I meant
I can't believe Christmas is in two days. I'm pretty sure we're all having the same conversation as we do
Is it taking me as long to write this series of posts as it took the crew to build our
The posts in my home building series are filled with lots of words and as much as I love to
Once your framing is complete, the inspections have passed and the bank has finalized their first draw, your project will
There are a couple things in life I've just been drawn to for as long as I can remember. One
These superhero muffins - no, I didn't come up with that cool name myself - are in the newest cookbook
When I moved in with Allen over eight years ago, I quickly got in the habit of looking for recipes
It took me a little while to get this next blog post written, because we recently moved into our new
We were so excited on June 6th, because it was the date we were set to break ground on our