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Anyone having trouble falling asleep at night? I present this blog post on finances just for you and the fix
The title of this post may or may not have been inspired by my interest in the show 'So You
Taking a quick break from the Magnolia Table cookbook to bring you one of our favorite side dishes! But speaking
One of my go to side dishes and a new series of posts all around our home building process (construction
Just letting y'all know, the Magnolia Table Cookbook is going to be a bit of a theme on the blog
As promised, this is part two of 'taking your taco Tuesday to the next level' and it's all about the
There are a few ways to take your taco Tuesday to the next level and it starts with the basics:
One of my good friends is moving to the country too, about 10 minutes from where our new house will
It's been a busy few weeks, y'all! I'll get you up to speed. Working, packing, moving, cleaning, picking up take
There is always two ways to look at everything. This past week has been a bit exhausting, yes. You know